Beware of Scams Claiming to be Affiliated with MNTD.

2 min readAug 3, 2022


A friendly reminder: To avoid scams, do not purchase hotspots from unauthorized resellers or online marketplaces. This always carries a risk for the buyer (e.g. counterfeit products, voided warranties, etc).

If the website you’re purchasing from claims to use crypto as its only mode of payment, it is most likely a scam.

Where can you buy MNTD. hotspots?

Our MNTD. hotspots are sold exclusively on our official website

As of writing, we do not have authorized distributors.


If you have technical concerns, please open a ticket in the RAK Discord and send us your diagnostics page so we can help you better.

If you have shipping or order concerns, please message us via the MNTD. website chatbot or through our online support desk.

What are we doing to prevent scams and fraudulent sellers?

MNTD. is taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of infringing sites and listings, counterfeit products, and trademark and copyright violations on the most popular marketplaces around the globe.

This includes:

  • Taking down fraudulent websites discovered by our team, as well as those flagged by customers;
  • Reporting numerous fake social media accounts posing as MNTD. or RAKwireless.

For any updates or announcements, please check our social media channels below:

Rest assured that we’re doing everything possible to remove all kinds of violations online. As of writing, we are glad to share that our efforts seem to be working.

How can you help?

With your cooperation, we can put an end to these infringing websites and make sure your purchases are genuine and safe. If you find any suspicious activity related to MNTD. and our products, let us know through any of our social or customer service channels.

We’ll keep you posted on future updates about our brand protection activities. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe out there!




MNTD. is a new brand created by @RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people.