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MNTD. 5G: The World’s First Everything-in-One Helium 5G Hotspot

3 min readJun 21, 2022


More than half a year ago in October 2021, MNTD. entered the tech space with the promise of making consumer-friendly crypto hardware. We have since sold over 300,000 Helium hotspots across the EU, UK, Canada, and the US, along with our founding company RAKwireless Technology Limited. Today, we announce the next evolution of our bestselling device. First unveiled at last week’s Helium House ATX gathering, we’re sharing its full specifications with the world for the first time. Introducing MNTD. 5G the first everything-in-one Helium 5G hotspot.

What Is the MNTD. 5G Hotspot?

The MNTD. 5G Hotspot is an indoor device designed for everyday users. It enables easy plug-and-play setup. When you host a MNTD. 5G hotspot, you’ll be rewarded in crypto tokens. Built with a sleek and compact body, it looks right at home in any house, café, or store.

What Does It Do?

The first of its kind in the Helium Ecosystem, the MNTD. 5G Hotspot is the only hotspot that combines multiple solutions in one device. This eliminates the need for a complex setup and added cost of buying and combining multiple solutions from different vendors. Designed to be future-proof, it’s ready to be used with upcoming potential networks, such as WiFi6. It mines only $HNT today, but once HIP 51 is deployed, it already has the necessary features to mine $MOBILE and $IOT tokens as well. Used with the MNTD. app(available on iOS and Android), you’ll be able to monitor and generate diagnostics for all your Helium tokens on a single platform.

To maintain hardware simplicity and a clean look, our device uses a single cable to both power the hotspot and connect to the network. The built-in USB-C port gives you more flexible options for extensions too — such as connecting to external outdoor radios, for example. Among other notable specs, the MNTD. 5G Hotspot is also powered by Qualcomm FSM10056, the industry’s pioneering 5G chipset for CBRS small cells.

Why Now?

The truth is, designing a great product for non-technical crypto users is not easy — it takes time to get it right. Building a device that enables a spectrum of wireless connectivity options — spanning 5G, WiFi6, 4G/LTE, and LoRa — comes with its own set of engineering challenges. Among these is thermal management, radio frequency (RF) signal performance, and RF interference mitigation, which we kept at the forefront of our design thinking.

It all comes down to intentional development. We sought to create a truly all-in-one 5G solution. This meant building a device that ticked all the boxes: affordable, easy to use, versatile features, and quality hardware.

We made sure to build our product using the best technology available. Our chosen 5G chipset, the Qualcomm FSM10056, was released only at the end of 2021. We also chose to move our hardware platform to the ARM platform. While most manufacturers currently base their devices on the traditional x86 hardware platform, transitioning to ARM allows us to use less power and cut unnecessary costs. Our MNTD. 5G Hotspot is the first in the Helium network to make this move.

By overcoming these engineering blocks, we were able to build a device that’s equal parts powerful, beautiful, and simple. With the MNTD. 5G Hotspot, you can expect a beautifully simple crypto mining journey.

The MNTD. 5G Hotspot will be available for purchase reservation in Q4 2022. The estimated price is between $1,500 — $2,000 depending on the options selected. See the product at and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified once it’s ready.




MNTD. is a new brand created by @RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people.