MNTD. Becomes the First Third-Party MOBILE Hotspot Vendor on the Helium Network

3 min readJun 6, 2024


[Singapore, 06/06/2024] — MNTD., a subsidiary of RAKwireless, has been welcomed into the Helium Network as the first third-party MOBILE Hotspot Vendor. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in MNTD.’s mission to change the wireless industry, aligning with the Helium Network’s vision of a decentralized and inclusive communication ecosystem.

MNTD., with its extensive experience in the wireless industry, has been a long-time supporter of the Helium Network. The company’s commitment to decentralization and its proven track record as the first third-party IoT Hotspot vendor for the Helium Network make it a reliable partner for the new Helium MOBILE network.

“Our company’s deep experience at Qualcomm, a major player in the infrastructure arena, ensures the creation of affordable, innovative, and high-performing hardware essential for improving the MOBILE network,” says Ken Yu, CEO of MNTD. and RAKwireless. “MNTD.’s commitment to the future of decentralized wireless networks and its ongoing support for the Helium Network show that we are a stable and reliable partner.

The company’s history with the Helium Network and its meeting of the Helium Ecosystem’s strict criteria for makers demonstrate its steadfast commitment to network growth and security.

“The Helium Foundation is thrilled to continue working with the MNTD team as one of the most long-term aligned vendors in decentralized wireless. The MOBILE Network continues to see steady growth on both its supply and demand side over the last several months.” says Scott Sigel, COO of the Helium Foundation. “As MNTD broadens their scope beyond IOT into the MOBILE Network, community builders and users will be better served thanks to a larger vendor ecosystem including MNTD’s expanded product and service offering.”

Before the announcement, MNTD. submitted a Helium Improvement Proposal, HIP 117, positioning itself as the first-ever MOBILE Hotspot Vendor on the Helium network. This proposal received community approval, and with its passing, MNTD. was selected not just for its product but for being part of a larger vision to decentralize networks.

The community recognized MNTD.’s commitment to this ideal, making it a significant step towards a more inclusive and fair communications ecosystem.

About MNTD.

MNTD. is a leading Web3 company focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people. It is the same company that made the OG hotspots for Helium and has since manufactured the largest number of hotspots deployed. For more information, please visit

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RAKwireless is a leading provider of Private Network solutions. The company helps businesses scale their IoT solutions, from small-scale projects to enterprise-level deployments. For more information, please visit

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The Helium Foundation is a US-based 501(c)(6) global not-for-profit dedicated to the proliferation of a secure, cost-effective Internet. As the governing and community steward for the Helium Network, the world’s largest decentralized wireless network, the Helium Foundation exists to benefit the wireless industry and its stakeholders as a driver of ecosystem development, network governance, and public education. For more information, visit

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