Beyond Hardware: MNTD.’s Commitment to Helium’s Vision and the HIP 117 Vote

4 min readApr 17, 2024

Who We Are:

The core team of RAKwireless, the parent mother company of MNTD., began its journey in the early days of Wi-Fi. This was the time when the technology was still evolving from the 11b/g standards, and many of the network systems we use everywhere today did not exist yet. We witnessed first hand the transformative impact of Wi-Fi, evolving from a niche technology to a fundamental necessity for all internet-enabled devices.

What We Do:

Like Helium Mobile, we’re on a mission to change the wireless industry. We are convinced that communication’s future will move away from central control. But issues inherent to centralized organizations — in terms of service focus, cost-efficiency, and coverage — are becoming increasingly apparent.

With the new Hotspot compatible with the Helium Mobile services, we aim to start a new era. We want to build networks that are owned and operated by the people who use them. This is more than just a technological shift; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and fair communications ecosystem, where every user has a stake.

Aligned with Nova Labs Vision and Technology:

We’ve been actively involved in and supportive of Nova Labs & Helium Mobile plans, always ready to embrace changes that come with innovation. Shifting focus to using Wi-Fi for managing extra data traffic is not only a smart and straightforward strategy but also one with a big potential impact. It meets a real need in the telecom industry — offering a decentralized solution to handle growing amounts of data traffic efficiently.

Our History with Nova Labs, Helium Mobile:

We have been supporters of Nova Labs and Helium Mobile from the beginning. We’ve worked closely with their teams and used our Qualcomm network to support dialog and discussions on technology and chipsets. This collaboration was about more than just solving a technical challenge; it was about contributing to a vision we deeply believed in — a vision of a more secure, decentralized, and innovative mobile network.

Our Vision for the Future:

MNTD. is committed to the future of decentralized wireless networks. MNTD. stayed committed as the first third-party IoT Hotspot vendor for Helium, throughout the ups and downs. Our ongoing support shows we’re a stable and reliable partner for the new MOBILE network.

Why MNTD.?

MNTD. and Nova’s collaboration underscores several key aspects:

  1. Open Ecosystem Commitment: Nova’s work to make the ecosystem open underscores a commitment to decentralization. It shows they value teamwork and growing together.
  2. MNTD.’s Proven Track Record: We were the first third-party IoT Hotspot vendor for the Helium Network and created the original hotspot. We remain committed to network growth. While other vendors have left, MNTD. has always been a dependable part of the ecosystem.
  3. Collaborative Development Efforts: Our team has a long standing relationship with the Nova Labs team and have collaborated on projects pro bono in the past. This shows we’re committed more than just by contract.
  4. Helium Ecosystem’s Strict Criteria for Makers: Becoming a maker for the Helium Network is a big deal. The Helium Ecosystem has very high standards for this role. Initially, these rules might seem hard, but their purpose is to strengthen, secure, and make the network efficient. They aim to build a strong community. Only the best and most dedicated partners, like MNTD., meet these standards. Our long history with the Helium Network shows our steadfast commitment. Helium Ecosystem’s strict criteria act as a guarantee of quality.
  5. Expanding Hotspot availability benefits the community: MNTD.’s hardware is compatible with the Helium Network. We chose a practical approach to match Nova’s setup and use our skills to improve the network.
  6. Expertise in Wi-Fi: Our team knows Wi-Fi and has deep experience at Qualcomm, a major player in the infrastructure arena. This knowledge means we can create affordable, innovative, and high-performing hardware essential for improving the MOBILE network.

What You Can Do to Help:

Our commitment is not just to a technology or a product; it’s to an ideal — the ideal of decentralization.

We want our community to truly understand our conviction. As you consider voting ‘YES’ on HIP 117, remember choosing MNTD. means more than just getting a product. It means you are part of a bigger goal of making networks decentralized. You are backing a vision that has stood strong through tough times.

We see a future where decentralization changes how wireless networks work, and we’re inviting you to be a part of that change.

Voting is open for the next seven days.

Vote here:




MNTD. is a new brand created by @RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people.