MNTD. Seeks to Become First Third-Party Hotspot Vendor for Helium Mobile Network

4 min readMar 22, 2024


MNTD., a subsidiary of RAKwireless, has submitted a proposal to become the first third-party Hotspot Vendor for the Helium Mobile subNetwork. The proposal, filed as a Helium Improvement Proposal 117, outlines the next step in MNTD.’s plan to support the growth and expansion of the Helium network.

As a Hotspot Vendor, MNTD. aims to contribute to the network’s development by offering state-of-the-art hotspot devices designed to expand coverage, improve reliability, and increase adoption by end-users and businesses. The company’s proposal includes locking 50M MOBILE tokens and seeking approval from the MOBILE subDAO governance, as required by HIP53.

MNTD.’s proposed line of hotspots boasts advanced features such as optimized antenna designs, efficient operation, durable construction, user-friendly installation, and seamless integration with all required Helium network protocols. The company’s focus on supporting professional deployments and larger enterprises is expected to drive widespread adoption of the network.

“Becoming the first third-party Hotspot Vendor for the Helium Mobile network is a natural progression for MNTD.,” said Ken Yu, CEO at MNTD. and RAKwireless. “Our track record in the Helium IoT network, combined with our cutting-edge hardware solutions and business-centric approach, positions us to make a substantial impact on the growth and success of the Helium Mobile ecosystem.”

MNTD.’s parent company, RAKwireless, has been a key player in the Helium IoT network’s success, with the number of Hotspots increasing from a few thousand to over 1,000,000 worldwide since its involvement began in September 2020. MNTD. seeks to replicate and exceed this success in the Helium Mobile space.

“We are excited to bring our expertise and resources to the Helium Mobile network,” added Ken Yu. “By working closely with the Helium community and the MOBILE subDAO, we are confident that we can drive the network’s expansion and attract a diverse range of end-users and businesses.”

MNTD. has invited the Helium community and the MOBILE subDAO to review its detailed HIP proposal and provide feedback. The company remains committed to collaborating with the community and the Helium Foundation to ensure its proposal meets the requirements outlined in HIP53.

The Helium community and interested stakeholders are encouraged to review MNTD.’s proposal and participate in the discussion surrounding this potential development in the Helium Mobile ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who are MNTD. / RAK — is the team trustworthy?

MNTD. is a subsidiary of RAKwireless, a respected company in the IoT and wireless communications industry. RAKwireless has been a trusted partner of the Helium network since its early stages.

  • Proven Track Record: RAKwireless has sold over 240,000 IoT Hotspots and is a major provider of sensors for the Helium IoT network.
  • Experienced Team: MNTD.’s team consists of professionals with deep expertise in wireless technology, hardware design, and IoT solutions.
  • Commitment to Quality: MNTD. maintains high standards of quality in its products and services, ensuring reliable and high-performance hotspots.
  • Alignment with Helium’s Mission: MNTD. shares Helium’s vision of creating a decentralized, global wireless network that benefits all stakeholders.
  • Transparency and Communication: MNTD. values transparency and actively engages with the Helium community, seeking feedback and providing updates.

MNTD.’s strong track record, experienced team, commitment to quality, alignment with Helium’s mission, and emphasis on transparency make it a trustworthy partner for the Helium Mobile network.

2. Why is there a vote? Isn’t MNTD/RAK already a Helium-approved maker?

Although RAKwireless, MNTD.’s parent company, is an approved manufacturer for the Helium IoT network, the Helium Mobile network is a distinct subnetwork with its own rules and governance.

  • HIP53 Requirements: Helium Improvement Proposal 53 (HIP53) outlines specific requirements for becoming a Hotspot Vendor on the Helium Mobile network, including staking 50M MOBILE tokens and obtaining MOBILE subDAO approval.
  • Community Governance: The Helium Mobile network prioritizes community governance and decentralized decision-making. The vote ensures transparency and allows the community to have a say in the network’s development.
  • Separate Approval Process: Being an approved manufacturer for the Helium IoT network does not automatically grant approval for the Helium Mobile network. MNTD. must go through the specified process, including the community vote, to become an approved Hotspot Vendor for the Helium Mobile subnetwork.

The vote is necessary to ensure compliance with HIP53 and maintain the decentralized governance of the Helium Mobile subnetwork, allowing the community to make an informed decision on MNTD.’s proposal.

You can vote for HIP 117 now:

3. Will everyone in the world be able to purchase a Hotspot compatible with Helium Mobile services from MNTD. and deploy it?

Currently, we will only be offering hotspots compatible with the Helium Mobile services in the United States. However, we are looking forward to expanding our services worldwide soon. Stay tuned for future updates!

4. What will be the price of the Hotspot compatible with Helium Mobile services from MNTD.?

MNTD. is committed to offering a high-quality and affordable product to the Helium Mobile community. However, at this stage, we are not yet ready to announce the final pricing details for our hotspot.

Our team is currently working on finalizing the details and reaching final agreements with all parties involved, we will share the pricing information through our official channels as soon as the details are finalized.

5. What are the features of the Hotspot from MNTD.? Is it better/worse than Nova offers?

The features will be very similar to the current products and work in the same way regarding onboarding and operation.

6. What will the rewards look like?

Rewards with the Hotspot from MNTD. come in two forms: Proof of Coverage (POC) and data transmission. You’ll earn POC rewards daily, whether or not data is being transmitted. In terms of data transmission, rewards are generated when Helium mobile subscribers connect to your hotspot. The pricing for network usage is set at $0.50 per GB. For each subscriber, your rewardable data traffic is capped at 40GB, based on their cell plan’s cost. These rewards are paid out in $MOBILE tokens.




MNTD. is a new brand created by @RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people.