MNTD. Turns 1

Today, we’re celebrating big-time — MNTD. is now one year old! Our first birthday is a major milestone for us, and a chance to take stock of everything we’ve accomplished in the past year. Our vision for MNTD. has been clear from Day 1: to make crypto mining easy and crypto hardware accessible for everyday consumers.

Since we first launched in October 2021, we’ve enjoyed huge successes within the Helium Ecosystem community. Our global logistics span several regions — namely the UK, EU, the Americas, and most recently Australia — allowing us to grow Helium and bring over 200,000 MNTD. hotspots to people around the globe.

Of course, there have been challenges along the way too. Meeting the demand for our devices had proven difficult at times, but it allowed us to find new ways to work with what we had. If you were with us since day one, you would remember those intense moments when you had to check out hotspot miners. You will also remember how we implemented a drop queue system to improve customer experience. That system gave MNTD. customers a fair chance at securing a hotspot by filtering out bad bot traffic, which is something that’s not easy to do in the crypto space.

But most of all, we are proud of the community we have co-created with our customers, partners, and affiliates. Through consistent brand communication, openness to feedback, and quality products, we’ve fostered strong brand loyalty and trust with people who share the same vision for Helium. MNTD. is growing and so does The People’s Network.

As we move towards the future of Helium, we can’t wait to bring even better products (including more crypto/Web3 projects) to our customers. Our newest device is our most exciting yet: the everything-in-one MNTD. 5G Hotspot (Yes, this one supports 5G NR)! Engineered with a sleek design and the same simplicity, reliability, and usability as all MNTD. hotspots, this device is our way of helping build the new era of Helium 5G.

Our first year in the crypto space has been one for the books. Let’s continue doing great things together.




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MNTD. is a new brand created by @RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people.